Activities MissionToSurf

If you are looking for "more" we can offer you many activities:

Yoga lessons are offered for free in walking distance to the camp. The yoga teacher has been teaching in Portugal for some years and has a lot of experience with participants at different levels.

Horse riding
Everyone who loves horses or has always wanted to ride, can enjoy the beautiful Algarve with its beaches from this perspective as well. Close to the camp, there is a stud farm where you can book any tours according to your desire, skill and strength.

Bicycle rental
A friend of ours rents out bicycles for about EUR 5, - to EUR 7, - per day.
With this you are more flexible when you need to go shopping or just want to explore the surrounding area.

Scooter or moped rental
In the summer months a scooter and moped rental is opened in the village.
You can get more information about this at our camp.

Kite surfing
The fun sport of the new millennium!
This sport is easier to learn than you might think, but it also entails certain dangers with improper and reckless handling. Therefore, anyone who wants to kite correctly and safely should complete a training course to not put themselves or others in danger.
A partner company offers a kite course for beginners every weekend. It takes place on Saturday and Sunday. Transfer to the kite spot only with own rental car.

Kite spot: The spot (about 35 minutes from our surf camp) is located in a lagoon near Alvor, Lagos. The area is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals.
All those who try out the sport for the first time will appreciate the safety of the lagoon. Depending on the tide, there is a large standing area. Professionals will be happy too due to the constant wind and the mirror-smooth water. The area is very windproof - in the early afternoon the thermal wind starts almost daily.