dates of surf courses

The surf courses start always on monday and end on friday. We recommend to arrive on sunday. If this is not possible we find a good solution and you can arrive on another day.

Breaking news: We can offer surf courses again from June 21st.

course 26-202022. June 202028. June 2020low season
course 27-202029. June 20205. July 2020shoulder season
course 28-20206. July 202012. July 2020shoulder season
course 29-202013. July 202019. July 2020high season
course 30-202020. July 202026. July 2020high season
course 31-202027. July 20202. August 2020high season
course 32-20203. August 20209. August 2020high season
course 33-202010. August 202016. August 2020high season
course 34-202017. August 202023. August 2020high season
course 35-202024. August 202030 August 2020high season
course 36-202031. August 20206. Sept. 2020shoulder season
course 37-20207. Sept. 202013. Sept. 2020shoulder season
course 38-202014. Sept. 202020. Sept. 2020shoulder season
course 39-202021. Sept. 202027. Sept. 2020shoulder season
course 40-202028. Sept. 20204. October 2020low season
course 41-20205. October 202011. October 2020low season
course 42-202012. October 202018. October 2020low season
course 43-202019. October 202025. October 2020low season
course 44-202026. October 20201. November 2020low season
course 45-20202. November 20208. November 2020low season
course 46-20209. November 202015. November 2020low season
course 47-202016. November 202022. November 2020low season

If you have any questions please send us an  e-mail. We can make you an individual offer for your surf holiday. From november untill march we offer only privat surf lessons.

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