For entry, you need a valid ID or passport. In the case of children, registration in the parents' passport is necessary.
(If necessary, please inquire at your embassy if there is a visa requirement.)

Time shift:
After your arrival in Portugal the clock will be turned to MEZ -1.

What should I pack:
The Algarve offers plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures all year round. Usually light clothing, bathing suits, sandals, a towel and adequate sun protection are all you need, but a sweater certainly is good to have if a cool wind blows in the evening.
If you want to bring your own suit, we recommend a 3/2 mm long sleeve suit. In winter, a 4 / 3mm long sleeve suit is the best choice.
If you arrive at the weekend during high season we recommend you to have cash, because the local banking machines might be empty.

How are the environment and the region?
The Algarve is known for its beautiful landscapes and its wonderful nature:
Beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs, top water quality, cozy tavernas, ...

Lagos lies approx. 30km from our surf camp. It’s a very nice fishing village with cozy cafes and bars. It is perfect for a shopping tour in the afternoon as well as for an evening detour.

Medical care:
If you have the standard European preventive measures, you do not need any additional vaccinations in Portugal. The treatments here and the prescribed medicines must be paid in cash. Always ask for a detailed receipt, to make sure your health insurance company reimburses the amount later.

An additional health and return transport insurance is recommended.
Because that way you have a free choice of all doctors and the costs for a possible return transport are already covered.

Altogether, Portugal is relatively safe. If you hire a rental car, do not leave any valuable items visible in the car. If you go to the beach or the cliffs always park the car nearby so that you can still see it from the beach.

The country language is Portuguese. But English is well known.