Surfers paradise Algarve

The west coast of Portugal has perfect waves for everyone - no matter whether beginners or pros. This is why the world's best big wave surfers find their way to the western end of Europe every year. Our surf camp is located between Arrifana and Monte Clerigo.
Surferparadies Algarve


Arrifana is probably the most famous spot in the South Algarve. This is also shown by the fact that the spot is bespattered by many surfers. The beach lies beautiful between steep cliffs. In spring and autumn, when the waves are larger, Arrifana offers good surfing conditions for all abilities.

Surf spots in the Algarve

Carrapateira is also one of the most famous surf sports in Portugal and has two very nice and large sandy beaches with several peaks, which are also suitable for beginners. The southern beach is sheltered from the north wind. The northern beach is more open to the north and is embedded in a beautiful dune landscape. It is also a beach, which is very popular with kiters.
Surfspots in der Algarve

Season and weather

Almost everybody, who has been in Portugal once, comes back gladly. Not just for surfing. That’s because Portugal offers perfect waves for surfing all year round.
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