Beginner courses – learn to surf in the MissionToSurf surf camp

The group size of our surf courses varies. One teacher is supervising a maximum of 8 participants.
Your surf course in Portugal is designed every day depending on the prevailing wave and weather conditions.
The duration of the lessons is about 4 hours daily (divided into morning and afternoon).
In addition to practical lessons, there is also some theory included. This is where you will learn everything important about waves, currents, wind, tides, material, safety, driving rules and much more.
Outside the course times, the surfing material is at your leisure.

In the first week of the course, you will be gradually introduced to the waves by means of methodological building blocks. In the extension week, we will help you to develop and deepen what you have learned in the first week.
With the help of our video training, we can also give you many helpful tips to make your wishes come true quickly!

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