Season and weather

Almost everybody, who has been in Portugal once, comes back gladly.
Not just for surfing.

That’s because Portugal offers perfect waves for surfing all year round.
From shallow white water waves for all those who are just starting to barrels for the pros.
"You should have been here yesterday" - the legendary saying from the famous surf movie "Endless Summer" - does not apply here.

Beginners find almost perfect conditions all year round to start learning how to surf. Spring and autumn are the best travel times for all advanced surfers.
Places like, Nazare, Peniche and Ericeira let the hearts of big wave surfers beat faster.

The Atlantic offers always enough waves, it is never too shallow for surfing. The water temperature in Portugal is always between 15 degrees in winter and 20 degrees in summer. The water is always a few degrees warmer in the Algarve than in the north of the country.

The Algarve has a mild climate all year round, along with a pleasant breeze from the Atlantic, which is a nice refreshment especially on hot summer days.
All over Europe the Algarve has the most of sun days.
Perfect for surfing!